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Full Name: Genevieve Wong Yen Fui

Birthday: 24 September 

Horoscope:  Libra


Graduated in Diploma in Music and Music Technology, UK

Graduated in BA Honours Degree in Music Composition & Professional Practice, UK

Genie Wong is an independent singer and songwriter, now a Social Media Influencer with more then 22 thousand Followers on Tiktok and still growing. A Malaysian; born and raised in Federal Territory of Labuan.

Growing up with both families heavily influenced in music back in the day, Genie has worked with several influential people like Asif & Rene, Roger Wang, Peter Lau and Simon Lau.

Genie finished all of her higher education in the UK and has been performing in multi styles like folk and punk rock. She has also been involved in a lot of choir groups while in the UK and has experience in coaching a choir.

After returning home to Malaysia, she involved herself in songwriting and composing music for various local church organisations.

Her hard work paid off when she won the 1st Sabah Youth Day (SYD1) song writing competition. 

She sang back-up for renowned singer Dayang Nurfaizah at the Konsert Gala 25 Tahun RTM Labuan event. 

Following that, performed for KK Jazz Festival with the group called “Spice of Tones”, led by respected drum maker Peter Lau and noted bass player Simon Lau, who were both key figures in encouraging her to release her own single.

Genie then set up her own project (Sixth Sense Project) with the help of Crowd Funding forums such as MyStartr and Rockethub and raised enough funds to go and perform for the Penang Jazz Festival 2014 Fringe Stages. Sixth Sense Project comprised of Genie Wong (Vocal), Gabby Wong (Vocal), Peter Lau (Drum), Simon Lau (Bass), Damian Paul (Keyboard), MarcVai Elvin Maxentius (Guitar)

Since the enforcement of a movement restriction order in Malaysia due to the Corona virus Pandemic, live entertainment shows and gatherings have been forced to a halt. This left Genie without and outlet to perform with others and share her music. 

She decided to give TikTok a try in September 2020, successfully gaining her first 1000 Followers in just 3 months. She was noticed by A & R Manager Hindhumathy, the rest they say is history


Eyes & Ears Production

2012                       (1st Nov 2012) Liar Liar

                             No.1 in the Borneo English Top 10 at from 24 Nov 2012 till 27 Apr 2013

2013                       (14th Feb 2013) Only You

2014                       (13th May 2014) I Miss You, (1st Aug 2014) Shame On Me, (3rd Sep 2014) Lizard Slider

                             (November 2014) I Love You – Genie_Gabby (Not under Eyes & Ears Production)

2015                       (March 2015) Castle in the Sky

Manship Records

2021                        (March 2021) 你讓我想起了 (Nǐ ràng wǒ xiǎngqǐle) - You Remind Me 

                              (March 2021) Papichulo

                              (September 2021) Will You Be There
                              (December 2021) Mini Christmas Album


2022                        (January 2022) 快乐年 (Kuàilè nián) - Happy Year Chinese New Year Song

                              (May 2022) Released Sky Diving Feat. Gabry

Manship Records

2022                        (February 2022) Re-Released Will You Be There (Darkstar Mix) 


Eyes & Ears Production

2022                        Coming Soon a redo of You Remind Me in English